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Thread: Artrage will not stop moving the canvas.

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    Artrage will not stop moving the canvas.

    Every tool moves my cavnas instead of allowing me to paint and draw, the hotkey mods for zoom etc still work, its just everything I Do causes the canvas to move.

    Any idea how to fix it? I can't work out how to turn it off.

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    If your painting with a tablet, then reset your tablet settings, if it's a mouse reset the ArtRage preferences, occasionally i have had a glitch like this but it usually goes as quickly as it came, and it very rarely had anything to with the settings, but may have something to do with a particular combination of key stokes, in any case, resetting the preferences should fix it i believe
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    Hi Turtleman,

    This thread may help with what you're seeing there -

    Feel free to email me at if not and I can take a look at that with you.
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    sweet, it must of been the flash thing because I reset my options and it worked.

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