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Thread: auto-hiding stuff and the size of the brush

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    auto-hiding stuff and the size of the brush

    Minor nit but it kept bugging me last night as I airbrushed...

    I think it would make more sense if GUI elements hid themselves when the *edge* of a brush/tool touched them, than the current situation where they hide only if the center of the tool (the OS mouse location) touches them.

    When I work at a level sufficiently zoomed to have a large tool size ring, I have to be sure to move everything out of the way before I do some careful strokes.

    (Yes, I know that likely involves circle-intersects-rect which is more intense than point-in-rect testing, but the majority of the time a simpler rect-intersects-rect test will save half the work.)
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    Note that you can hit the 'Enter' key to hide all the UI elements, or hit the 'Tab' key to retract all the UI elements. I think a right-click of the mouse does as well.
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