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Thread: The great time suck...

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    The great time suck...

    I painted for hours today and didn't even notice the passage of time until I realized my wrist was sore and my arm was fatigued.

    Is there a AA meeting online (ArtRage Anonymous)?

    And.. I've only been at this a couple of weeks - will I grow some painting muscles in my arm? LOL


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    ha ha Annie, I know what you mean. I've been at it on and off for a couple of weeks and it is seriously addictive. Especially when something starts to take shape and you have to work on it.

    I'm a hardend computer user so a full day at the pc isnt out of the ordinary but I've found that I'm dreaming painting now!!! I think I must be working on my technique whilst i sleep

    I need help!!

    I suggest "ARA" we would have to share it with an addiction action group or the amateur rowing association but hey.. we need it more!

    I was thinking of "Art Rage Support Ensemble" but I think thats a bad idea
    I live in a tecno world. A world of precision, accuracy and finites.
    Art is the opposite of that for me. I dont expect to be good and that is not my aim. I want to enjoy it and let my inner artist define its own art... here's hoping, where do I begin.....

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