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Thread: saving rulers?

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    saving rulers?


    Is there a way to save the position of rulers before deleting them from the canvas to be loaded later in the same drawing?
    You know, like in Photoshop you can save selections and then load them later.....



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    Hi Elsa,

    If you want the rulers out of the way, but want their positions to be remembered for later use, you can go to Tools -> Stencil Options -> Hide all Stencils and they'll all vanish. To reveal them again later, you can go to Tools -> Stencil Options -> Show all Stencils and all of the rulers will reappear. The Same options are available in the Stencil Panel menu ( Click the arrow at the top left of the Stencil Panel when its open.

    Stencils can also be invidually hidden. Right click on a Stencil / Ruler and choose 'Hide Stencil'.

    When you open the Stencil panel, if you go to the 'Active' Category, you'll see all your stencils. Hidden stencils have a 'Show' label underneath them which can be clicked to reveal them. Visible stencils similarly have a clickable 'Hide' label underneath them.
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    thanks so much Dave!!! I'll try that!

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