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Thread: My Poetry

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    My Poetry

    If I've already posted this, I do apologise. I tend to forget things, despite the fact I am still rather young.

    (Sorry for the length...)

    Anyway, here is some of my poetry:
    Light of the Star

    Spread your wings,
    Donít dare cry,
    Listen to the wind,
    As it passes by.

    Feel the air,
    On your face,
    Feel the power,
    Of this open space.

    Take a breath,
    Not too deep,
    Close your eyes,
    And take a leap.

    Keep your gaze,
    Locked to mine,
    And as we dance,
    Itíll be just fine.

    Take a step,
    And slowly sway,
    Youíll be dancing,
    By the end of the day.

    Kiss my lips,
    Hold on tight,
    Donít let go,
    As we take flight.

    Donít be scared,
    We wonít go far,
    But first weíll head,
    To the nearest star.

    Watch those lights,
    Watch them float,
    Along the breeze,
    Like a sailing boat.

    The sky so beautiful,
    Looks so bright,
    For once in my life,
    I forget its night.

    Watch my face,
    Kiss my lips,
    Watch my body,
    As I sway my hips.

    Dancing amongst,
    The darling lights,
    See them swirl,
    Then take flight.

    Letís follow them,
    Wherever they go,
    And one day soon,
    Weíll return home.

    Is this love?
    It feels so warm,
    Starting as friendship,
    Love does form.

    We spot a star,
    Flying by,
    I tell you to wish,
    And I close my eyes.

    As the light fades,
    And the darkness appears,
    You wipe my face,
    Free of tears.

    Dance, my dear,
    Spread your wings,
    Forget your pain,
    So it wonít sting.

    The lights get brighter,
    And so does your face,
    Encircled by,
    A halo of grace.

    The Heavens are near,
    Our world is far,
    Dancing towards,
    The light of the star...

    Je t'aime
    You walk, head held high,
    Beautiful, in every way,
    Your lovely features break when you cry,
    Je t'aime.

    Looking at you,
    Is like looking at an angel,
    But your beauty is better than any angel could do,
    Je t'aime.

    Yours tears, so gentle and fine,
    Running down your cheeks,
    And I'm happy that you are mine,
    Je t'aime.

    I comfort you,
    And if I cried,
    You'd comfort me too,
    Je t'aime.

    I love you, my sweet,
    I really do,
    But others I must meet,
    Je t'aime.

    I'm ending it,
    In my life, our love,
    Just doesn't fit,
    Je t'aime.

    But, I must say,
    I must,
    Say this today,
    Je t'aime.

    Je t'aime, my dear,
    Je t'aime, my sweet,
    Je t'aime, I love you,
    And I wait for the day we meet,
    Je t'aime.

    Je t'aime,
    Je t'aime tellement, my dear.
    Garden of Tears

    I walk these gardens,
    I'm fresh from the fight,
    Wandering here,
    Until the morning light.

    The trees in here,
    They sob and wail,
    They shrivel and die,
    Their leaves are pale.

    I walk in here,
    As the darkness plays with my mind,
    I ignore it,
    My mind is set on what I must find.

    This garden robs you of everything,
    But I don't show any fear,
    If I could not take it,
    Surely, I would not be here?

    I'm crying now,
    But not as you would think,
    It's the garden,
    I suddenly realise, it's the missing link.

    Sure enough,
    I was right,
    There it is,
    Bathed in the morning light.

    It's the ultimate weapon,
    Found only in here,
    Found only in this garden,
    The Garden of Tears.
    She cries for her mother,
    'Mama! Mama!' She does yell,
    Tears streaming down her cheeks,
    Her mind drifts back to when she fell.

    She fell right down,
    Into an abyss of despair,
    Tears are blurring her eyes,
    Dirt covers her hair.

    She sits on the ground,
    And she does whine,
    Whenever a stranger asks,
    She tells them she is fine.

    She can't face the truth,
    Of what happened to her,
    She's afraid it's too scary,
    She's afraid it'll reoccur.

    Her body is shaking,
    Nothing but cold,
    Her water is yellow,
    Her food is old.

    All the lights at the end,
    Of the tunnel so dark,
    Are just trains,
    Throwing up a spark.

    She can take it no longer,
    She can take it no more,
    She feels so weak,
    And she is so sore.

    And she lies on the ground,
    Her body is like stone,
    And as she drifts away,
    All she can do is moan.

    Now you see her spirit,
    Wandering this street,
    Not a sound comes from her lips,
    Nor her feet.

    She's hand-in-hand with,
    Her dear old mother,
    And they cry for,
    One another.

    When she sees a,
    Little child,
    Sitting out in the open,
    In the streets so wild.

    She bends down and says,
    'Thing will get better,'
    Then she stands up and says,
    'It can get no wetter.'

    For this girl you look down upon,
    This girl who has no home,
    This girl who has never had a wash,
    This girl who has no comb.

    Her hair is matted,
    Her hands are dirty,
    She has thirty!

    But now she's back,
    With her old dear,
    Her old mother,
    Wandering here.

    Yes, she's dead,
    But she doesn't mind,
    I think you'll find...

    She was an orphan,
    A poor lost soul,
    She was an orphan,
    In the mines of coal.

    Well look at her now,
    That smiling face,
    Grinning like,
    She'd won a race.

    But I don't blame her,
    I do not,
    For she was an orphan,
    Since she was out of her cot.

    Back with her mother,
    Helping the poor,
    Stopping the evil,
    That do lure.

    An orphan my dear,
    Something of sorts,
    An orphan my dear,
    Wearing old shorts.

    An orphan,
    So small and kind,
    An orphan,
    With a shattered mind.

    Orphan she is,
    Orphan she may,
    Orphan she will,
    Orphan to this day.
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    My Dear...
    Spread your wings, my dear,
    Spread them wide,
    Float on the breeze, my dear,
    Let yourself glide.

    Raise your head, my dear,
    Raise your head high,
    Keep your chin up, my dear,
    And try not to cry.

    This world is big, my dear,
    Bigger than you,
    But let it not frighten you, my dear,
    For my love is true.

    Live your life, my dear,
    Do not be blinded by greed,
    Live your dreams, my dear,
    Just take what you need.

    I love you, my dear,
    With all my heart,
    And I cry for you, my dear,
    Whenever we are apart.

    When I leave you, my dear,
    When itís my time to go,
    I will always love you, my dear,
    And that, I hope you know.

    You do not live forever, my dear,
    And whenever it is your time,
    Remember this well, my dear,
    Forever you are mine.

    I will meet you in Heaven, my dear,
    And we shall be together,
    I will protect you well, my dear,
    Through all the harsh weather.

    Do not hold back, my dear,
    A chance you have to take,
    Do not be afraid of mistakes, my dear,
    They happen with every choice you make.

    Do not let it blind you, my dear,
    To what virtue there may be,
    For every choice you make, my dear,
    You'll be one step closer to me.

    Love is, what love is, my dear,
    Before death is life,
    And after life is death, my dear,
    But both are full of strife.

    Be who you want to be, my dear,
    Live the way you want to live,
    Listen to what you wish to, my dear,
    And don't be afraid to give.

    People are suffering, my dear,
    But you are strong,
    And if you are confident, my dear,
    You can never do wrong.

    I tell you these things, my dear,
    But none of it really matters,
    And when your heart breaks in Heaven, my dear,
    Down to Earth it clatters.

    Now reach for the stars, my dear,
    And don't be afraid to try,
    When your time comes, my dear,
    Do not be afraid to die.

    I leave you in the world, my dear,
    Alone and slightly scared,
    But you will only leave the world, my dear,
    When the lands have been faired.

    Now spread your wings, my dear,
    And get ready to fall,
    But when you grow, my dear,
    You will surely stand tall.

    Now goodbye, my dear,
    And good luck,
    For it's still a beautiful world, my dear,
    Just look through the grime and muck.

    There is much heroism, my dear,
    In this broken place,
    And this world needs help, my dear,
    Many fears you'll have to face.

    Goodbye, my dear,

    And farewell,
    When we meet again, my dear,
    Many stories, you will tell.
    Living on the Edge of Oblivion
    I'm struggling here,
    Trying to keep alive,
    I have no food,
    No water,
    I have nothing,
    Nobody is coming to save me,
    Nobody is brave enough,
    I survive because I believe I can,
    But every day, I start to doubt it,
    How long before it ends?
    I don't know what to do,
    I can't think,
    It hurts to think,
    My heart hurts from the love I gave,
    My eyes hurt from the tears I'm shedding,
    My soul hurts from the pain I'm going through,
    When will it end?
    When will I give up?
    Death is better than this,
    Anything is better than this,
    'Cos I'm living,
    Living on the edge of Oblivion.

    In the Moonlight
    There she sits,
    On this broken pathway,
    Crying and sobbing,
    With nothing to say.

    Her beauty is of legend,
    Known for miles around,
    But from her lips,
    Comes a horrible sound.

    She ignores the hurt,
    She ignores the pain,
    Her life is now empty,
    So horrible and vain.

    Does she mind if you cut her?
    Does she cry if you cry?
    Does she stay with you?
    Does she never tell a lie?

    All the years,
    She's been told,
    That she won't,
    Ever grow old.

    She wanted to make you proud,
    She wanted to show you,
    What she could be,
    A type like her, there are only few.

    Are you happy now?
    That her old life is dead?
    You scared her and cut her,
    You scarred her head.

    Does she bleed if you harm her?
    Does she mind if you swear?
    Does she love you?
    Does she even care?

    Now you see it,
    The blood you thought was her,
    It's showing on her forehead,
    It's staining her garments of fur.

    It's too late now,
    She's gone anyway,
    Now I hope you remember,
    This horrible day.

    Let it haunt you,
    Let it scour your mind,
    Let it make you cry;
    Let it kill your kind.

    Her body,
    So small,
    As the last owl calls.

    The morning light appears,
    Over the mountain peaks,
    Her body's gone now,
    But her soul still speaks.

    It's telling me to say,
    Sorry to you,
    But it was her wish,
    So that I must do.

    But where have you gone?
    You disappeared after the fight,
    Then I remember,
    You're in the moonlight.

    It sucked you up,
    And took you,
    It left no trace,
    But I think you already knew,
    What fears you had to face,
    Well, you're gone,
    Just like her,
    Now over me you fawn,
    You disappeared,
    You went away,
    Now what I can't do,
    Is have this to say.

    You disappeared;
    You disappeared in,
    In the Moonlight.

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    Mercury Raindrops

    I'm walking towards you,
    There's nothing I can do,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    I am the one who is in the wrong,
    Never doubt those who sing the song,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    Liquid metal so fine,
    Beauties untold, so divine,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    Poison dripping on to me,
    Making it hard to see,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    They burn me and scald me,
    It's running down all the trees,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    Stop and smell the roses,
    Dripping off the end of the people's noses,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    Poison, liquid metal,
    Yet, as delicate as a fallen petal,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    The Earth is crying,
    We are all dying,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    Poison leaking through our skin,
    Our lives begin to wear thin,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    Pitter-patter pitter-patter,
    What was there doesn't matter,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    Like a battlefield,
    Bodies who do yield,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    Suicidal, but not the least,
    The dying birds let out shrieks,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    End of the world, not yet,
    Bodies beside where they met,
    Showering anyone who stops,
    Mercury raindrops.

    Showering anyone who stops...
    Mercury raindrops.


    Hide and Seek

    Days gone by,
    I cannot cry,
    Playing a game,
    Like they did when I came.

    Poison on my lips,
    Never the one who trips,
    Playing hide and seek,
    Silently, 'cos I cannot speak.

    Playing the game with killers,
    Worse than a late night thriller,
    Seeking you,
    Hiding too.

    Demons, I seek,
    Blood of mine begins to leak,
    Crimson tears,
    Containing my fears.

    I am stronger, faster, agile,
    But I cannot run even a mile,
    I'm trapped in this Hell,
    And I can't even yell.

    Counting, one, two, three,
    I soon realise I'll never be free,
    Tiptoeing towards the abyss,
    On my lips, poison from our kiss.

    I hide and I seek,
    This world is bleak,
    Endless game,
    With ones who are far from tame.

    Do you see,
    What is happening to me?
    Save me from this Hell,
    I promise, I won't tell.

    As I stand atop the mountain peak,
    I decide to end this Hide and Seek,
    Winds roll across the land,
    My life is now so bland.

    Demons roar,
    I am so sore,
    This is it,
    But I may regret it, quite a bit.

    No fun, no games,
    From my memory, I wipe their names,
    And as my blood begins to leak,
    I decide to end this Hide and Seek.

    And as these wounds begin to bleed,
    The monster inside of me, on my pain it does feed,
    You know I didn't cause this,
    All I wanted was one simple kiss...

    As I leaned forward, you brought out a knife,
    You are the reason I hate my life,
    You could've said 'No', and walked out the door,
    But I know you'd be back soon, wishing for more.

    Now my blood is on the wall, and on the ground,
    From my lifeless body, there comes no sound,
    Go on, laugh, you know you want to,
    Surely this was what you planned to do?

    As my blood leaks away, you start to cry,
    It's fine though, for I know our love was a lie,
    You might've given me one chance, or two,
    Just like the one chance I gave you.

    Now don't cry, because this is all fate,
    You should know it was planned from our first date,
    I'm just another victim of death, so don't fret,
    I'm just not sure I was meant to die yet...

    My blood pools at your feet,
    And the memories of the day we did meet,
    Now rip my heart out, I don't mind,
    I ruined my life by loving one of your kind.

    Now give me a chance, tell me you care,
    Because my spirit is not far, just over there,
    I'll hear you, I will, and I will tell if it's true,
    And when you say 'I love you'...
    You know I'll love you too...

    That's it. Hope you enjoyed it. Sorry about the differing text...Copied from Word.

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    This last one isn't actually poetry, but it's writing:


    A gentle breeze slid silently along the hilltops on that day. Birds did not sing, dogs did not bark, and the entire world held its breath. There was silence on the highest mountain tops, to the deepest ocean. There was nothing. The armies grew closer with every second that ticked by. Soon, there would be bloodshed. The entire world waited, and waited, and waited. They waited for a sign, a sign to tell them that all was well, but that sign would not come, and it never did. Although these armies did not want it, they knew that it had to happen, they knew that this was their fate, but as they raised their weapons, there was a sound. The Earth was crying. The terrible wailing echoed off the mountain tops and buried itself within the memories of the inhabitants of the planet. And one solitary second before all Hell broke loose, there was peace. Those long dead felt it, those who were alive and well felt it and even those in battle felt it. A flicker in their souls. Echoes of the past.

    A sign of hope...


    Most of my poetry is sad, but for some reason, sadness is the easiest emotion to write about.
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    I agree, they're long enough! I browsed here and there, but enjoyed those lines to feel happy and want to read full and more. I shall post my comments after I go thru' them all! Anyway, thanks for giving us a diversion here.
    The artist is the lover of Nature, therefore he is her slave and her master. - Rabindranth Tagore

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    I read the first one and parts of the others.
    They reveal an outlook on life that is more advanced than your years. As I look at my children, perhaps we as adults make this mistake in our children.
    They do understand more than we give them credit for.
    The one about oblivion made me think of this.
    Please keep writing them and write them in a small book. When it is close to 50 pages, have a publisher look at them. You may have found your talent in life.

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    Thank you very much for your comments.

    And I forgot to mention, 'Je t'aime' means 'I love you' in French, and 'Je t'aime tellement' means 'I love you very much' or 'I love you so'.
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    weeun, I just discover your thread,
    read your first poem and looks nice,
    i will try later on to read the others;

    i think it would be even nicer if you will do some
    picture for each of your poems,
    eventually using your text, why not ?
    or whatever you like to do .

    all the best
    "All are about quiet and light." Dany
    Daily Studio Notes , Daniela Ionesco-Fine Art

    I accept critics only from friends,
    how about You ?

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    Weeun, I was wondering if there was a reason for the order the poems appear to be in.
    They begin with love and end with death and gloom. Do not let the negative overcome the positive in your life. You have a very bright future ahead and if I live long enough, I expect to see you famous for either your art or your poetry.
    Keep it up. The world is very beautiful, even in it's darkest moments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raybrite View Post
    Weeun, I was wondering if there was a reason for the order the poems appear to be in.
    They begin with love and end with death and gloom. Do not let the negative overcome the positive in your life. You have a very bright future ahead and if I live long enough, I expect to see you famous for either your art or your poetry.
    Keep it up. The world is very beautiful, even in it's darkest moments.
    I never realised they went in that order, but the sad ones are the older ones, so the love ones are newer.
    So, I suppose, I was feeling sad when I wrote the sad ones, but now things are brightening up for me, so I'm starting to write happier ones.
    'Light of the Star' is my newest poem.
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