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Thread: 'Metallic' selection area is perhaps too big?

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    'Metallic' selection area is perhaps too big?

    Shouldn't 'metallic' down by the color palette only toggle on when ticking the tick box?

    It toggles 'metallic' when clicking anywhere in that bar, even to the right of the word 'metallic'. And that's substancially bigger than the adjacent hot area. And I would certainly use the color feature more than the metallic during the course of a project.

    To me, it's too easy to accidentally toggle it on, when, for example, I'm selecting the color picker arrow just to its right and I miss. When I miss the color arrow, I see nothing happen to make the color menu appear, so I figure I hit an inactive area. Unless I'm looking at that little box to the left of 'metallic', I'd miss it. Not great for work flow.

    Could you please consider making it to where one has to click in the check box to activate metallic? This way, if I miss that little triangle for color, I won't do something I don't intend.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. You may be pleasently surprised with something coming up. ( We're working on at the moment =) )
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