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Thread: Finally mastered Artrage! . . . simple really ;-)

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    Finally mastered Artrage! . . . simple really ;-)

    Buy a Wacom tablet. 110(English pounds)+VAT and bundled
    with Artrage and PhotoshopElements. After months of anguish
    and despair and giving up and trying again and asking for
    'beyond my ken' Artrage forum help and abandoning it and
    declaring "back to pen and paper", I have eventually TWIGGED
    and now mastered Artrage drawing on a Wacom tablet
    ("Bamboo Fun") and printing out and emailing.
    You WILL get one eventually. Do it NOW!

    I've just sent this info to a colleague who has been struggling
    to draw direct on screen with mouse (NK application)
    and has gone back to pen and paper.
    Note though that my requirements are very basic
    B&W simple/loose cartoons.

    Thanks Artrage!
    PS Dare I trust any upgrade? (Hate the pesky things)
    PPS I export to PhotoshopElements for cropping and text.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom W View Post
    PS Dare I trust any upgrade? (Hate the pesky things).
    ArtRage 2.5 is probably the most stable program I run on my system. I've never run into a crash (that I recall) and any updates I did get for it were quick and easy.
    Nothing is easy to the unwilling.

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    Hi Tom!

    Glad to hear the tablet + ArtRage is working out well for you! It's definitely nice to have pressure support and the feeling of using a pen on a surface I think.

    Regarding upgrades, if you don't have ArtRage 2.5 or later, you will be missing out on some new features we added ( stencils were a big new feature, but you can see the full list here - )

    It's a free update, and you can either download it via the option 'Check for updates' under the Help menu in ArtRage, or download the latest installer via our Member Area at

    To use the Member Area:

    1/ Click on 'Register' and follow the instructions if you haven't done so before
    2/ Log in and go to 'My Products'
    3/ Add your key, and click the download link to access downloads for all the current versions of ArtRage

    Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or problems. I think it's definitely worthwhile updating if you're running an old version
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