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Thread: Importing problems

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    Importing problems


    I recently purchased a cintiq and found out about artrage. I LOVE the program but have a BIG problem. I ink my stuff in Illustrator and exported the file as a psd. ArtRage will open a regular psd file, but if it was a file that started out in Illustrator and was exported to Photoshop it wont open it. Is there something I am doing wrong? Something I can do to get around it?

    Thanks for your time,

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    What version of photoshop and Illustrator are you using?

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    If you can send me one of the psd files that ArtRage wont open I can take a look at it.
    If it's under 8MB, EMail it to me:

    If it's bigger than 8MB, you'll need to contact to arrange dropping it to our ftp drop-box so I can grab it from there.
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    Also, check that your PSD is an RGB image as opposed to a CMYK image. ArtRage supports RGB specifically, so if you're trying to import a CMYK image, that could be why it's not working ( check Image -> Mode in Photoshop )
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