I think its great that the artrage team have set up a gallery area and allowed members to post their art.

Of course there is always room for improvement and I wonder if a few of these suggestions would be possible with existing vBullitin plugins .oO(hint hint)
As a new member I find a berwildering number of images hard to browse so in no particular order...
  • Tag based uploads. - ie. cat mouse flower etc.. This will allow viewers to find what they need.
  • Collections. - User based favorite images. So you can find them all again and share.
  • Top list - While ratings are usually unhelpful a simple way to direct users to outstanding images (without the potential confrontation of ratings)would be to see list the number of collections that hold the art.
  • RSS feeds
  • Color analysis - List the primary pallete for the image... OR even provide it as an importable file for artrage
Just a thought..Its still great