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Thread: Realistic raindrops

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    Realistic raindrops

    Hey Artragers. Has anyone created a tutorial on how to paint realistic raindrops?
    If there is a thread on this, I do apologize for posting another one.

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    Not really. Just sort of streaky diagonal lines falling generally in parallel. But there are other kinds that get blown by heavy winds.

    You could always get a movie in which there's rain and freeze frame your way through it until you get the idea. And if you really want a stylized way, you could get some Disney animated movie in which there's rain.

    There are lots of kinds of rain if you really wanted to know some of the possibilities.

    If it's night time it will show up near street lights and so on. Then there's the splashes on concrete, into puddles, etc.

    And then once you have all that on a layer, you can assign it a certain transparency level where it's not heavy handed and feels like it's moving and blurry and picking up the light.

    I think that rain is interesting. But the real fascination for me is how it behaves in night city lights. Does some amazing things with reflections.

    I'm pretty sure somebody here did some stencils or whatever and put them up for others to use.
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