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Thread: Painting Techniques

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    Painting Techniques

    Tonight, I sat down, and started painting on Artrage. I was upset with myself, getting angry because I couldn't paint. I was looking through my previous creations, and I came across the rose I drew. I remembered how I'd painted that. By sketching it, then zooming in, doing it bit by bit, putting shading and detail on each individual petal. Then, I remembered how all these years, every time I draw, I put loads of detail in one thing. Then I thought, 'Why shouldn't I do this with artrage?' So, to test my theory, I zoomed in as far as I could go, painted a small pink circle, with the brush set at 1%, then I made the colours darker. I shaded the bottom, then put lighter colours at the top. I sat for a few minutes doing that. Then I zoomed out. Boy, did that circle-turned-sphere look amazing. It was like...A masterpiece, as circles go. It was small, yes, but that didn't stop it looking amazing. Because I zoomed in, I put tiny details in, which made it look so much better when you zoomed out. After this experiment, I've decided that from now on, every painting I do, I will zoom in, do one tiny part of the picture, adding loads of detail, then zoom out. Then I will do it again and again, until the whole picture is finished. Yes, that means any paintings I do will take longer, but oh well, they'll end up looking better.

    So, what are your painting techniques?
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    I just do it the other way around.
    Like painting on canvas with real paint.
    -create a composition by drawing the bigger outline
    -fill in the parts with the right colors
    -from referencing points throughout the bigger outline,
    create the smaller parts on top of it and so on.

    So I startout large and work towards the detail.


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    First of all, Welcome back. We missed you.
    I usually make a very light drawing (very rough) and then put the colors in afterward.
    Lately, I have been putting a little oil paint in the space and then using the knife (blender) to spread it around and shape it. Seems to be working very well. Used this method to make waves by using the knife in circles over oil paint applied with a tube.

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