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Thread: So, who here is a musician?

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    So, who here is a musician?

    I've been wanting to ask this question for quite a while: who here plays music?
    And hey, even if you don't play but are an enthusiast, it'd still be great to hear from you. And no sense not posting if you don't really want to gab.....give us what you've got and we'll be happy.

    What is your instrument of choice (no baudy jokes please)?
    Are there any recordings of you playing and if so, any that we can hear on-line?
    What's your musical background?
    Is there any music you just can't tolerate?
    What do you listen to the most?
    I play flutes, whistles, recorders and the such. Currently I'm working on penny whistles and celtic-type stuff with my in-laws. And I'm head-over-heels crazy about a local guitarist, Al Rodriguez, whom I recently met and am starting to play music with. He's 80, one of the most garrulous people I've ever met and chock full of jazz experience.
    I was raised on the Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and bluegrass. Always did love my grandfather's old Benny Goodman albums.
    Like just about everything I hear but can't believe how boring modern pop in the US is and how idiotic most of the gangster rap seems to me.
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    I want to learn Piano. I have a M-Studio MIDI Keyboard so hopefully i can get there some day. I am interested in Drums but for non-rock reasons.

    No recordings of me playing because it would make no sense, heheh.

    No background, just an avid enthusiast of electro-acoustic and jazz.

    Metal, Hip-Hop, Goth, Country, commercialized pop... might be missing some.

    Electro-acoustic soundscapes, Bossa-Nova, Film Scores, Ambient, Trance-Techno, New Age.

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    I play the delicate sound of thunder at the most inconvenient of times

    Sorry couldn't resist the temptation lol
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    I was a 60s 70s 80s era rock drummer. Spent some time on the road but never in a pro studio. Taught myself to play keyboards and guitar to some extent and love to sing harmony.

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    I played the recorder for years -- tape recorder that is (ah that joke just never gets old, does it. . . other than the fact few live to tell of that era of tape).

    Been listening to music all my life. More so when I turned 10 or so and I discovered that there were recordings that were way more up to date than the few boring recordings that my parents had. Rock and Roll -- heck yeah. Started with listening to what my baby sitter would tune into, and then bubble gum AM radio Boss 30 hits kind of stuff. And then Rock and then psychedelic, Woodstock and all that, and on and on.

    I currently have played the electric guitar for a little over a year. And boy was I missing a LOT!

    Before that, since the advent of the desktop computer, I have dabbled with composition using a synthesizer and whatever program opens the door to my having composed music without reading music nor have I had any musical training. . . since second grade (before about a year or two ago).

    Bought a clarinet and it sat around for years and I finally picked it up and seemed to be able to play -- a complete surprise to me. I'm not very good but it's been fun.

    Also tooted on a couple harmonicas for laughs. Again, I played along with my computer which has become something of an entertainment center. Loved a lot of stuff from Midnight Cowboy to Going Up the Country and some Willie Nelson. I found my criteria for liking music sometimes depended on whether I could play to it. . . at least in that context.

    Also did the penny whistle for jamming along with some rock song or other like Tubthumping and the Dr. Who theme song, hahah. Wild and rowdy stuff. That's for me with the penny whistle. Oddly good for Renaissance style too.

    I am not an accomplished musician, but hey, it's an art form and I'm an artist. Always loved listening.

    I have only just gone from being wildly annoyed with bluegrass, having once attended an all day bluegrass festival in which I had to sit in the hot sun getting my brain frazzled, wherein I plum had the dulcimer hammered out of me. But now that I play guitar, I'm starting to appreciate it.

    Love world music and noisemaking of all kinds. . . but I digress. You said nothing rude. I will comply.
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    I play a little guitar, piano, harmonica, washboard, spoons, trashcan lids, and other found objects, and sing - strictly for personal meditation. Subjecting bystanders to these tortures has been a rare (fortunate for them) occurrence; cats have yowled and dogs have howled.

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    The only music I find unpleasant is the sound of a whining voice saying "I can't listen to THAT kind of music, it's too weird."
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    I played a lot of guitar in my yoof. I played some lead but always preferred rhythm. I also took up the clarinet for a few numbers but had to sell it along the way to pay bills etc. I started busking jazz stuff on the streets with another guitarist, double bass player and violinist. 4 part harmonies too. People seemed to like it a lot so we travelled around Europe for a while busking and meeting lots of nice people, it was a great great thing to do.
    Later I joined a band or two and played some of that there modern popular music - had some great times but nothing matched that 'flying by the seat of your pants' feeling of busking around Europe, I loved it.
    I love most music but not soft rock, hard rock and most kinds of middle of the road rock in between. I have a problem with pretty much every ballad I can think of too. There is something about the roots of a music movement I really love though, whether it be classical, folk, early jazz/blues/rock n roll, country, reggae, punk, new wave and even some dance stuff. As long as there is something a bit raw about it I am drawn. Once it becomes a bland formula I find music just becomes dead. That is where we are at the moment, I wonder if there really are no more new exciting phases to be invented because no one seems capable any more! Perhaps predictably though, my all time fave band have to be The Beatles and my fave guitarist is old 'Johnny 2 fingers', Django Reinhardt. How did he do it?!!.

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    Ahhhhhh we have clarinet players in here. My favourite instrument which sends me to another plain. As for being musical myself, well dabbled on the keyboard for my own amusement. Singing, well thats another subject even my children say "please don't do that". Methinks I am not very musically adept but I am enjoying reading this thread.
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    I like to sing folk songs, and old music in general. My cats stare at me, and the dogs turn their heads sideways and stare, so I don't know if they like it or they are just waiting for the next meal. Maybe they intuitively know that Mom sometimes gets burned out and this is her way of relaxation so she won't resort to shouting, and forget or refuse the next meal. So I guess I am acceptable. Grew up on old rock, and country, and now I am in to everything except new country. Would love to learn piano and guitar. Definitely music and art are in my bones. My paternal grandfather made violins and played well, and he was also a muralist. He died at 53, I wish I could have known him.
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    I've played the bass guitar for more years than I care to remember and have been playing in covers bands for at least the last 27 years (WOW I even shocked myself with that revelation).

    My dad was a keen classical guitarist and after he died I kept his guitar, and have found myself increasingly taking this up as well.

    I can find enough to belt out a few chords on a guitar or keyboard if prodded to do so.

    Musical tastes: pretty much anything nowadays. I'm drawn more to classical music for some reason lately, but it never hurts to have AC/DC belting out of the speakers either

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