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Thread: Taking a break

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    Taking a break

    I t is seems that i am going to have to take a break from painting. It is not because I want to , for some reason my monitor has messed up to where i have none of the red hue. Any thing with red shows up as a dark color. Games it does matter but painting is a different story . So till I can get another monitor I want be painting digital but my do old style.
    see if I learned any thing from using artrage.

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    Ah yeah! The wonders of technology.............but when it goes wrong UGH!

    On a different note......I bought a car........Opel Zafira diesel (for the economy you understand) 13 months later the injection pump gave up the ghost ........the pump was mechanically perfect but the little electronic box on the top which regulates everything was fried ..........paid 6000 for the car and 2300 for a new pump................PROGRESS?? There was a time when we didn't need "ELECTRONIX" HA!

    I sympathize wholeheartedly with you and hope it doesn't take too long to get you back here!!
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    Hi Shellcracker,

    Have you tried powering off the computer and then unplugging and replugging the monitor lead? It will somrtimes imoprove the connexion.

    If you've lost one color then it's worth a try.

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    Not sure what's wrong with your monitor, but until it's fixed you could always do a series of monotone works and sketches. You could use one of the gray scale color files uploaded to the art supply forum area to make sure you don't stray from the black and white colors
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