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Thread: Sorry my friends

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    Sorry my friends

    Hi everyone.

    I'm sorry if you all may have found my art work removed from this site. I have had to remove art work from this site. (I am and will also remove all my post and threads I've started as well.) and others to protect my friends. I have had in the last few years have been followed around the web by My wife's x-husband. Seems like every time one of his girlfriend dumps him or he gets bored he attacks me on one of my art sites I frequent. What he dose is post derogatory comments, lies, slander, defamation about me and contacts people he finds that have commented to me or show up as friends on the different sites. On sites such as this I can not moderate the comments that are left and I do not want to have anyone from here offended.

    I apologize to everyone and will humbly settle back for a while and maybe this will pass in time.

    Oh and Yes I do have an on going law suit against him.

    If anyone would like to comment please send me a PM or e-mail me at my e-mail address.

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    thanks everyone for your understanding.

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    I had some nasty guy following me around the net too.I also kept a low profile,like you, and in time he got bored and gave up.
    Don't apologise for ill-mannered other people. We love to have you around, and as soon as he shows up, give one of the rage-guys a shout,and he will get banned from this site.

    Don't leave because of him.You are a nice enough man to keep amongst us !!

    ...............and come to think of it...................we even like your paintings !
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    So sorry, John. At least you have a lawsuit pending against him. Maybe he'll get bored and stop. But yeah, don't give him any more fuel for the fire. I'm supporting you!

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    Hei, John don't do that. Reverse the situation. Just post and post and post your beautiful art.

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    Hi cartuneman,
    I am sorry to here about your story but not astonished,
    I have been tracked too in my life, for different reasons, than I understand;
    the solution is not so good to run away but being clever unpredictable and showing your creation with measure it will help; keep doing good things.
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    how about You ?

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    Posted PM.
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