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Thread: -Solved- (Q) Signatures

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    Question -Solved- (Q) Signatures

    Just a quick technical question: Many users here have links in their signatures, but instead of the link's www name it shows another text, e.g. like "My Gallery". I want to do the same, but don't know how. Can someone please help me?

    Sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum, I was not sure if I have to post this in the Suggestions board, as it is a question and not a suggestion.
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    Probably would have been better in the technical section, but i will answer your question, it is one i had to ask at some stage

    Type the text you want to show, then highlight it, then select the insert link and paste the IP address you want linked, the text will show and not the link

    Hope it helps
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    Gee, many thanks for the quick and helpful answer! It works!

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