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Thread: Which Artrage version can add the Watercolour Tool?

  1. Which Artrage version can add the Watercolour Tool?


    I Wanna can use Watercolour tool in artrage~

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    Hi Ideo,

    A watercolour tool is something we're considering, but we don't have a definite plan regarding a timeframe and so on for including it in ArtRage. Watercolour's a fairly complex thing! However, it is something we'd like to do =)

    You might be interested in this though in the meantime, a method Fashmir came up with for using the felt pens to get a 'watercolour' effect:
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    I know I protested when they changed the white to a more "water," effect, but I've grown to love it deeply. Besides I now have two versions working for me (both paid for), so I can bounce between 'em as necessary. *artistic glee*

  4. sorry , i cant open the

    and MOV file, it cant bee open or download.

    Water colour effect
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    Isn't it a Flash file? I could be wrong, but that's what my browser's telling me it is. At least it's my browser's Flash player that is running it.

    I like your water color sample. How was it done?

    If we could have water color that looks and paints like watercolor, that would be dandy. If we did, it would be very useful to have a frisketing/masking tool.

  6. I wanna know artrage can paint this flower?
    The flower is drawing with Watercolour tool at paintX

    Which version Artrage can add Watercolour tool to drawing like this??

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    No version of ArtRage currently has watercolor. The ArtRage team has said they are looking into it, but will not implement it until they feel they can do it "right" and at the same usability as the rest of the program.

    We can hope the next version has it, but we certainly have no guarantees.


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    WaterColor fx

    At Art center College of Design in Pasadena Ca. Thet teach only felt pen use, and the effect of washes are made with solvent, in large size tools etc.. Watercolor perse is considered a fine art and not cost effective considering that the same effects may be obtained with felt pens. So watercolor is only as good as the effects. It is the accidental interaction between paint, water, and paper that make it that what it is. Pure watercolor is just that a pure art form, fine and dandy, if thats all you got to work with. Its like tying your hands behind your back and drawing with your teeth. Not for deadlines, except and unless you are a True Fine Artist. In the which case, what are you doing using a computer?
    I think that the Artrage team has really kicked some computing algorithmic butt with their existing effects. And the only needs are in the realm of tool palete configuration and brush and line manipulation, like in their compitions interfaces. Their effects are superior to the competition. 8)

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