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Thread: Never Give Up.

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    Never Give Up.

    I knew I needed to get back in shape when I found I had gained another 10 pounds and now was at 274.
    My wife and a few of her friends do a walk a few days a week starting at our house, going down the drive then down the street to the bridge at the low point, from there they go up about a few thousand feet to the top of a hill and back.
    I ran a marathon awhile back (1997) so I figured I would challenge them to a race.
    They accepted.
    We started out the next morning. I took an early lead and didn't want to get too far ahead so I slowed down a bit to allow them to keep up.
    We left the driveway and I was clearly in the lead. As the race progressed, I felt my heart rate get up to a good pace. My breath became deeper, and I felt like I was going to get my second wind at any time.
    They were still back there coming on strong.
    I picked up the pace a bit, after all , I was in good shape back then and I should be able to get through this.
    my breathing became stronger and my heart rate increased correspondingly. I was clearly in the lead and planned to stay there. Beads of sweat ran down into my eyes and I pressed on. The end was coming in sight. a few more steps and victory would be mine.
    Finally, I made it to the end. I had won. I made it all the way to the bridge at the bottom of the hill!!!! (About 1000feet.)

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    Yeah Ray!!!!

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    Nice to hear the achievement from the horse's mouth...I was running alongwith you (...panting, of course!) through out the story!
    The artist is the lover of Nature, therefore he is her slave and her master. - Rabindranth Tagore

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    irishrose Guest
    Wow Ray... you're awesome! You should be very proud of yourself. What a testimony you have!!!

    WOO HOO! Way to go, keep it up, don't give up!

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