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    Today, you advice an interesting book!! (of digital painting edited by

    Fantasy Art Workshop:
    Mastering Techniques for Fantasy Digital Art

    As the sophistication of computer-based drawing and painting programs has increased in recent years, so the popularity of fantasy art has grown and been taken up by a wider audience.Produced in association with brand-leading magazine "ImagineFX", this book instructs readers on a step-by-step basis how to produce top quality digital fantasy in a variety of styles from manga to gothic.

    With reference to a small number of creative painting programs (including Corel Draw, and Corel Painter) which are world standard and suitable for Macintosh and PC, the book explains in plain language, and with the help of step-by-step screen grabs, how to progress from basic 'pencil' roughs to first stage line art and ultimately finished colour art.

    Included are a series of 'Fantasy Master' profiles throughout the book from leading fantasy artists - Boris Vallejo, Alan Lee, Todd Lockwood, Jim Burns, Linda Begkvist, and many more.

    The book also targets specific aspects of art creation, including making your characters lifelike, creating scenes as diverse as manga and fairy woodlands, 3D imagery, speed painting, producing oil, watercolour and other effects. (20,000 words).It is a complete practical guide to creating digital fantasy art.It is produced in association with "ImaginFX", the world's leading fantasy magazine. It features a DVD with original and unseen artwork. The future titles include "Fantasy Art Landscapes" and "Fantasy Art Creatures".

    AuthorImagine FX & Rob Carney
    PublisherAnova Books (United Kingdom)
    FormatPaperback - 208 Pages
    Illustrationsover 250 colour illustrations

    ON you can pay this marvellous book only EUR 17.49 Free Delivery!!! (18.99 Free Delivery)

    Here's the list of contents:
    - Mind's Eye to Digital Canvas - Jehan Choo
    - Modern Classical Painting - Marta Dahlig
    - Paint Realistic Ears - Katerina Sokolova
    - Paint Realistic Lips - Katerina Sokolova
    - Digital Hairstyling - John Kearney
    - Paint Realistic Hands - Marta Dahlig
    - Create a Heroic Valkryie - Lorland Chan
    - Drawing and Painting Dragons - James Strehle
    - Create 3D Illustrations - Loic Zimmerman
    - Painting a Mythical Beast - Joel Carlo
    - An Army Summoned - Mike Corriero
    - Create a LOTR-Inspired Orc - Jeff Murchie
    - Quick Character Design Concept - Francis Tsai
    - Painting Creepy Portraits - Mike Mitchell
    - Speed Painting a Zombie - Patrick Reilly
    - Painting a Nightmare - Cyril Van Der Haegen
    - Create a Great Background - Melanie Delon
    - 25 Custom Brush Tips - Patrick Reilly
    - Dramatic Concept Art - David Levy
    - Create a Dark Urban Nightmare - Lee Carter
    - Manga Character Illustration - Michael Chomicki
    - Create Fantasy Manga - Cris De Lara
    - Fiery Dragon Princess - Svetlin Velinov

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