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Thread: Wacom Intuos 3 A3 or 4 A4

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    Wacom Intuos 3 A3 or 4 A4

    Advice please guys, I have an Aiptek graphics tablet which is ok, works fine as far as I can tell but I am a believer in 'you get what you pay for!' Never tried a Wacom so I don't know just how good they really are.

    So I'm looking at Wacoms, I can get an Intuos 3 A3 size for the same money as an Intuos 4 A4, just wondering if the Intuos 4 is that much better.

    I'm using an Imac with a 24" screen so an A3 would be practically size for size or is the Intuos 4 that much better I'd would better off with that?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts...

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    Firstly, what's the pressure sensitivity in yours?
    Secondly, does it have tilt etc?

    (otherwise, I can't compare)

    Sizewise... a lot of that is preference. Do you feel cramped as you are or is it just right? If you change you'll have to adjust your coordination, but for better or worse... wrist versus arm movement, basically. For large tablets you can set the active area to be just a corner, but it will take up more space and cost more.

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    Intuos 4 has twice the pressure sensitivity levels as all the other models, that may not be so important to you, think of it this way, you'll have double the control over brush strokes than anyone else, as long as the software can support it. As far as i know the rest is pretty much the same, for future proofing purposes i would go with the 4 imo.

    As far as Wacom's go, i wrote a whole forum on the subject lol, don't fool around, get the Wacom, you will never ever regret it i promise you lol
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    Thanks guys

    my current tablet is quite large and seems to work ok but only cost 20% as much as a wacom, and I guess it feels a little vague sometimes.

    SlimTablet 600U
    Slim Tablet 12.1"
    Active area 10" x 6.25"
    Outline Dimension 306 x 257 x 9mm
    Resolution 1000 lpi
    Report rate 125rps
    Pen Pressure 1024 levels
    Reading high Max 10 mm

    Flyn I like to be expansive with my strokes... I'm not a finicky delicate worker...

    So I'm tempted by the older larger model but then again as silentman says the newer one has the better sensitivity etc.... Hmmm

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    Fraser, you wonīt go wrong going with Wacom!

    If you can get the 4 version, Iīd do that. After all, it is the latest. (I considered getting that model, but I couldnīt justify it since the one I have works very well.)

    I have the Wacom3 thatīs the next size up from the 6x8". I figured a 6x8 was okay, but this size was the only one available in Argentina at the time I bought it.
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    Neil, I'm new to tablets so I don't have experience to compare. But I recently bought a Wacom Intuos 4 Medium and find it a marvel of engineering. For me it is a miracle tool. If you can swing the bucks it seems hard to justify going with anything less. I've heard from others to avoid the Intuos 4 small, especially if you want to be expansive with your strokes. But the Medium size at 9 x 6 could not be more perfect if you like the 10 x 6 range of your current tablet.
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    Well folks it looks like you have steered me towards the Intuos 4 large.... ordered from Amazon it should be here by the weekend... Woohoo!

    Thanks again

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