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Thread: advice for Mud, dried blood, blood splatter?

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    advice for Mud, dried blood, blood splatter?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm getting ready to do some fantasy type figures, and am interested in including blood splatters, with dried blood, on weapons/armor, and or mud on boots, cloaks etc.

    I have played around with it and am not having much luck.

    any advice?


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    Depends on what you're talking about. Maybe if you uploaded a picture of what you're dissatisfied with.

    Each picture is different. Rhetorically: How fresh is the blood? How many have been skewered by this weapon? How many times did the user wipe it off and at what speed? Is some smeared from contact in combat while other bits are spattered and dripping? What color is the rest of the painting keyed to? Day or night? Does it need a highlight and shadow? etc.

    See what I mean?

    You want red, probably, and you can use a layer where you can fade the amount of red to suit your blood lust. And once you fade it, then it starts taking on the qualities of the painting beneath it, so it won't look too out-of-context.

    And then you can go in on another new layer and strengthen parts of it here and there.

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    I'm looking for basics I haven't even drawn the pic yet, Considering I haven't skewerd too many folks in RL I don't have the time to sit down and make a painting that much more complicated. I can adjust, change, a tech to suit my needs but I'm just looking for a couple basic tech for fresh, and dried blood together... as in a sword/tool/knife that doesnt get cleaned much and is used often. splatter from battle etc.

    I'll look around on some other sites.

    thanks anyway

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