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Thread: If Fashmir were a dog...

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    Apr 2006
    New Jersey, USA

    If Fashmir were a dog...

    I came across this picture tonight. Tell me this is not Fashmir's dog!


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    Jul 2006
    Hahah. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    He doesn't post much anymore. Guess he's in the library.

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    Mar 2006
    Pacific Northwest
    Heh heh! :lol: That is not far from the truth! My dog has larger ears (papillon). Thanks for that.

    I've been drowning in work of late and I've taken on new commitments outside of work as well. I still check in and post a little. I will not just dissapear unless I die suddenly. If I find I must be away from you all for a very long period I will say farewell.
    Be well,

    "Teach, Learn, Thrive"~DM

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    May 2006
    Hudson Valley, New York. USA
    Ahh, Jack Russell Terrier (terror)
    I have a 6 yr. old female named Lil'Nemo.but I digress,
    Do you suppose there is a animal out there that is just like us? In other words for each human there is an animal counterpart?
    Yeah, a dead ringer for fashmir. That's a complement.....
    You'll know when you get there!

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