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Thread: can't do a clean fine line

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    can't do a clean fine line

    i can't seem to draw a small circle, its rough and choppy and doesn't do "small" well. i know that i'm drawing on a canvas, but i've taken out all the roughness when you choose new painting, and the grain is set to paper. i have used sketchbook pro, (in my opinion an inferior product in every way but its ability to do small detailed work) and there is no problems. i can draw circles smaller by many degrees then the tip of my pen in sketchbook pro.

    does anyone know how to adjust or fix this????

    thank you in advance!!!


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    Well, for doing finer work, you can 'zoom in' to the canvas. In the menu bar you'll see +/- buttons and a 100% indicator. Click the '+' button and you'll be able to get more accuracy.
    Also, if you want the fine look of a digital pencil, you can use the airbrush set to 1% size, with 100% pressure.
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