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Thread: A Never Ending Process

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    A Never Ending Process

    I started with AR. I became sort of proficient with the tools. I looked elsewhere for more tools and found them. They were easier to learn so I stay there sometimes so I can concentrate on the art and not the tools.
    HOWEVER, I miss my friends here and long to come back so I have spent some of the time this morning writing down the brush settings so I can duplicate the ones in the other place. I need to stay here most of the time because it feels more like home.
    Just thought I would let everyone know where I am mentally with my art.
    (As I live in a foreign country, I do not see many Americans. There have been maybe 3 in 5 years. This is my main channel for communication with the outside world. Many things keep me here and I probably would not move now anyway. Too old to begin again.)

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    Ray-I am with you on the art home thing. I have visited other forums and tried other tools-but I longed for AR. I lost my shyness with the friendliness of the members.
    Thanks for sharing-I enjoy viewing your images.

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