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Thread: custom brush's

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    custom brush's

    hey i was wanting to post these customs brush's for photoshop but its an .abr. so if anyone know away or a free place to post them for you guys?

    either way i bought Female Manga II tutorial from and it came with 3 different custom brush sets that he uses and i dont have photoshop atm . So my gift to you guys lol. so let me know asap where to post.
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    Hi chambersecrets,

    I realize this post is coming a bit late (I was away for the week), so perhaps you've already found a way to post the brushes. Though, if you're still looking for a way to host the files for download (or pretty much any type of file) you should check out Media Fire ( So far I've had really good results with them and it's free to upload to it and free for people to download from. They also allow you to create folders and set them to private, semi-private (unsearchable without a direct link to the folder) or open to public.
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