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    Online Drawing

    Hello there

    Me and a friend of mine are want to draw some anime fan-art together
    But there's a great distance between us - we live in a different cities
    So, we are searching for a good program, that allows a few people to draw image together in one time, using the Internet connection

    openCanvas 1.1 is no good...

    Maybe there's some other software...
    Please, give advice

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    I, and others, have suggested that the AR team take a stab at this idea one day. *crosses his fingers*

    Until then, you could try out iscribble. It's not real fancy and you have to earn some of the better tools by drawing and having the image published by someone with publishing rights (only took me two days to do, so no worries), but it is fun to get together with people and draw. People join rooms where they all draw on the same board. Here are a couple images I made there:

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    you could try The program is built into the forums there, so you don't even have to download it. You can paint and post on the forums in the room that they have for collaborations (I think it's called "The Tennis Court") once you get good enough (they have quality standards for that one I believe)... until then, you could use the paintchat that they have there (which has no quality standards, but does require that you have posted a few times first; it doesn't take long to get into though). I'm not sure if you can do it one-on-one without anyone else in the room, because I haven't messed with the paintchat feature of it much yet. Check it out.
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    The big reason OpenCanvas tends not to work for me is that one or both of us are behind a router--you need to be plugged directly into your internet connection to work, not to the little netgear or dlink box. So far opencanvas has been the best actually art program, but I use scriblink, a limited function internet whiteboard, for hashing out quick ideas with clients, you can save the images and e-mail them and it's not complicated to load.

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    Some time back I posted in general chat about working on images together. Sketching and coloring. I pulled it because no one commented. I think it would be a blast to collaborate on a drawing. I did sign up for that Oekakicentral. Thanks Canvasian. It looks like I will have to do some extensive reading before I understand all the rooms and features, but a great concept.

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