Yeah i hear what your saying, so far i've found ArtRage to be annoying to sketch with "Sorry Ragers" but i want a Digital Pencil that sketches like a HB or even a 2H not a 2B or 4B it seems that when i'm sketching the lose rough, sketching lines in roughly i mean, the line gets darker and darker, that's not what i need, i need it to stay the same colour, something that can be accomplished in both Photoshop and Painter Essentials, the other thing is the keyboard shortcuts are frustrating for me, i rapidly shift between eraser and pencil, and the shortcut for the pencil is No.2 but the eraser is the = symbol which is more than a hand width's span away, for normal hands anyway, it would be much better if we can assign our own shortcuts i think.

Anyways i've asked others for what they do and haven't received many replies here, but i have received some suggestion via PM, i'll go check them out before i give up