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Thread: trouble drawing straight lines

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    trouble drawing straight lines

    ı recenty got artrage 2.5. I'm having problems drawing straight lines and writing. when I put down my pen, it makes this wierd scribble before making the line. I don't thınk there is anything wrong with my wacom tablet, because I've trıed writing in paint and that works fine. I really hope someone can help me with this problem

    I use a wacom bamboo fun tablet, and the operating system is windows vista I cannot show a screenshot of the problem because my own computer is not connected to the internet yet,sorry

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    I had a not exact but similar problem that was resolved by downloading and adding file that turns off ink services in ArtRage. You can read the thread at There is a link for the file and instructions for loading it in ArtRages "resources" folder. It solved my problem. It's an easy fix to try. If it doesn't work for you, just remove the file from the specified folder. Meanwhile, I'm sure you'll get further feedback from the excellent and responsive AR technical team too.

    Edit: Here's the above referenced post that has the information you need and the link to the file.

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    See if it has anything to do with Ink Services settings by downloading this file:

    Place it in ArtRage's resources subfolder

    e.g. c:\program files(x86)\ambient design\artrage 2\resources\ <-- file goes here

    Start up ArtRage after adding the file, then see if the problem still exists. Does that help at all?
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    hello again I got some help and it is fixed now, thanks for your suggestion

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