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Thread: You know you're old if ...

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    You know you're old if ...

    You ever knew how to work a slide rule.
    You ever bought an 8-track tape.
    You ever owned a black and white television or fussed with a pair of "rabbit ears".
    You ever drank soda or milk from a glass bottle.
    You know the meaning of "three on the tree" and your parents let you stand up while the car was moving.
    You ever owned a nine transistor radio.
    A high tech bicycle was called an "English Racer" and had three speeds.
    You remember when the banana seat was a bicycling breakthrough.
    You ever strapped a pair of roller skates to your shoes or made a skateboard out of them.
    You remember shag carpet.
    You ever had a black light.
    Your parents owned a Dodge DeSoto or a Rambler.
    You know the meaning of "Radar Range".
    You've ever done business with a TV Repair Shop or remember when TVs had tubes.
    You've ever heard the terms "monophonic" or "quadraphonic".
    You've ever listened to AM radio.
    You remember when all police officers were men and all nurses were women.
    You remember when all phones had cords and you dialed them with a wheel and rented them from the phone company and had to call the operator to make a long distance call.
    You know what a "test pattern" is.
    You ever owned a car with a metal dashboard and no seat belts.
    You remember how a young boy would carry your groceries from the store to your car or that a man would pump your gas, wash your windows, and ask if you wanted your oil checked.
    You've ever seen a computer that used tape, or paper punch cards.
    You remember where you were when President Kennedy was shot or Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the Moon.
    You remember any of these names: Broderick Crawford, Richard Boone, Gene Barrie, Micky Dolenz (trick here), Jack Webb ...
    Ok, I've seeded this thread. Additions are encouraged.
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    I'm definitely old...too many of these I can attest for! I never had any 8-track tapes or player but I definitely had the vinyl albums with the record player! I went from albums straight to cassettes and then ever so slowly to CDs. Now, all of my music is downloaded from MP3s!!!

    What a trip down memory lane, Robert...thanks!!!

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    You know you're old when you remember 99.9 % of the items on that list. Plus remembering when Dick Clark was a young guy with Band Stand. You went home to watch to see if the kids from your school were there dancing. Howdy Doody, Hopalong Cassidy, John Cameron Swayze, Kate Smith, etc. It can just go on and on.

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    Hmph! I drank milk from a glass bottle yesterday.

    My favorite though... you know you're old when you walk into a grocery store and a favorite song is playing softly over the PA system.

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    When putting your socks on get's you out of breath...

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    I'm in the 99.9% group. I had just started my first job when my folks bought their first TV. That 20" black & white was the only one on the street. Neighbors started arriving about 7 PM. The kids sat on the floor and parents took seats. If my folks were going out, friends still came to watch the TV, as we didn't lock our doors in those days. How life has changed.

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    1954 ... the year before my father brought home my family's tv ... the neighbors across the street bought one and we would watch through their window.

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    I'll add one.
    You know you're old when...

    Ooops. I forgot

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    Too Many Robert, Too Many of those things.

    You your old when you went down the road and bought fire crackers with Mum & Dad, You know your old when KISS was your favorite rock band, 2 of my favorites hehe
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    These are great -- many memories here! Some I'd even forgotten :-)

    ANYWAY, someone recently mentioned that this year is the 25th anniversary of the publishing of William Gibson's famous sci-fi book, "Neuromancer".

    Why bring this up here? Because it opens with the famous line, "The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel."

    Us OLDSTERS will remember than in 1984 this meant a static-filled gray... today's kids will think, "Gee, bright blue"!
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