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Thread: a question I had on the use of the artrage software

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    a question I had on the use of the artrage software

    and the there an area of the computer that gets more wear due to painting, graphics..etc? One day I was painting for several hours and it didn't last long but my computer was sort of sluggish. I did clean out the temp files, general maintainence stuff, but should I do something else after a session on the 'rage'...? Is there more wear on the graphics card? Don't know much about this.... ops:

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    It's not a 'wear and tear' thing. ArtRage can cause slowdowns on your computer after use in a couple of ways. It creates files for 'undo' in the temp directory. When you quit ArtRage, (or start a new project) they're deleted. Also, after a while the available memory for an application can become fragmented. Quitting and restarting an application usually solves that.

    There shouldn't be any permanent changes to your computer from using ArtRage, except lots of painting files with your creations in them, and an improvement to your painting skills.
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    great thanks for the this site!

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