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Thread: Manga drawing

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    Manga drawing

    Some people asked me how I'm doing those illustrations, which looks like from manga. So...^___^ it will be easy, so I hope that you will understand my bad English and find this tutorial useful

    1) Making a sketch

    It's the same like in other kinds of drawings, so I won't write how I did it.
    I chose Jaejoong for this little tutorial ^__^ As always, my sketch is quite rough, so don't except anything special :P

    2) Lineart

    In manga style the most important thing is to make good lineart. I made it with markers (100% pressure 98% softness 40% wetness).
    It starting to look like a real manga style drawing. But what we need the most? Yes - halftones.
    I'm using halftones as stencils. I have so many of it, so I use another place for it (not typical for stencils). As you can see, you can choose destination of stencils folder by clicking "Load a stencil from a disk".
    After choosing this option, you can explore all folders to look for useful files. The tip - you can use almost all formats, not only png - just choose all types of formats, and you will see ale bitmaps on your disc
    Now, after making a new layer, you can add first halftone. As you can see - I'm using halftones as some kind of filters, which would help me make any texture. Besides of that, I'm colouring in a normal way - using oils.
    And how did I do this lighter part of hair? Well, I made halftone on all his head, and after this I made gradient on the top of his head using white colour (on another layer - yeah, in this kind of drawing I'm using a lot layers). When I finished it, I used rubber to delete some unnecessary parts or make some dark tones.
    Now I'm making some darker place on his hair - remember - for other types of tones use different halftones.
    Use iot only in places, where should be shown some dark hair.
    I used the same halftone for glasses and mouth, as for darker places on hair.
    Now - use some light halftone for a skin - as you can see, I don't use any tricks, just colour everything trough stencils
    Now adding some cosmetics changes like darker places or gradient on his hand. Look how many layers I have got - it's because I never know how the picture will come out after using stencil, so want to have a choice to delete some parts of drawing without ruining the rest of it.
    The last part - add background (as halftone stencil of course ;P), some touch-ups (white oils for lighten places etc.), and the drawing is ready:

    Easy, right?
    The drawing was made only for this tutorial, but I'll submit it tomorrow because I like the effect on it ;P

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    Very nice tutorial, great technique Enemembis, thanks for sharing

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    thank you^__^ I hope that some people will use it

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    Excellent. Anyone can use this to see how to work with layers for many styles of painting and drawing, and for your Manga style, it's wonderful. Thanks for posting. I would think many people will find it very useful.

    Great job
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    Neat tutorial, emenemsbis! Thank you for sharing it

    We've featured it on the ArtRage homepage and in the news in the ArtRage updater.

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    byroncallas - I hope that it's true what you just wrote thanks^^

    Dave - oh my, thank you so much *_____* It's my pleasure that I could help somone and in the same time - be featured

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    Thats perhaps the best use of stencils I have seen so far. What an impressive expressive image you have created with such a clever use of tools. But still it is by no doubt your talented linework that makes the art. Very inspira. DoodLS

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    DoodLS, you're too kind *^^*

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    Great drawing. Great tutorial! You explained everything so simply. Thank you.

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    Thank you so much for going to the trouble of making this tutorial. Very inspirational and as always, your artwork is amazing!

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