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Thread: Art Rage & PSE6

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    Art Rage & PSE6

    I have downloaded the starter pack of Art Rage and so far am totally loving it. My daughter and I want to purchase the full pack but I am wanting to make sure that I can either open a PSD file in ArtRage and viceversa (open a PSD file made in ArtRage in PSE6).

    I noticed in the starter pack there was only one file extension that it saves too which of course is not compatiable with PSE6.

    Does the ArtRage FULL or DELUXE edition offer any other file extensions (jpg, png, psd?) that would work with PSE6?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Tammy!

    You can use the 'Import Image' ( to open ) and 'Export as Image' ( to save ) items in the File menu. The Starter Edition has these too, so you can try it out.

    As ArtRage Starter Edition doesn't have layers, you won't be able to open PSD files with multiple layers, but you should be able to open single layer PSD files without problems.

    It's always a good idea to keep a copy of your work in ArtRage painting format ( PTG ) as well, as ArtRage's format understands paint thickness, paint wetness, lighting and so on, but you can use any of the formats under the Import and Export options - psd, png, jpg, bmp, tif as well.
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