MoHei or Hi, all artrage paint-makers.

Last i made it ready, almost, my artrage learn and practice page.

uptade the page address, 3.10.07

I load up some paintings from gallery and project forum and make artshow. Left of that Eddies portrait artshow. I pick up mind-random few images. And so many imagemaker and many, many, lovely paintings, still cannot loat at this artshow. Reason it not image or maker, only my limit time amount of this my art-hobby. But, i take some example to see those newones who are interesting artrage-painting.
Perhaps some other one can collect also images and make artshow of those gallery works? I think that i make one of that my open hat-project of that artproject forum images, some time.

Thanks Eddie your portrait-process images.

And thanks all whose image is in to my artshow.
(ps. If you dont want to that it be there, write me note, i remove it.)

Now i think that i have time to start to training that portrait painting drawing. I have done lot of work, training, learn and practice, this technical issues and my web-page on this year, after i found artrage-program.

Autumn is coming Finland, leafs start to fall down, so artist mind start to fly to forward like wind. So now is time to focus only paint.

Br. Heikki or Hessu the Goofy.

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

New page under work,,,meanwhile i dont have artrage-page on the net.