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Thread: A quick "review" and praise for ArtRage2 on my blo

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    A quick "review" and praise for ArtRage2 on my blo

    ArtRage team ... I added my praise to the growing chorus of reviews for ArtRage2 onto my personal blog. While I do have links from my art site, design site, and more to your site, my personal blog gets very frequently read by my friends and associates who are in the art/design/architecture world so I added a brief bit of praise for your wonderful program on the blog this morning.

    I hope you like it ...
    DaveyJJ --> | |
    "Inside each one of us is an artist ... a child who has never lost the gift of looking at life with curiousity and wonder." Arthur Lismer

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    Wow! That's very high praise indeed! Thank you so much.
    The greatest satisfaction I get in my work is hearing that someone enjoys using software I've worked on. You've made my entire day - thanks! And that's a very good review - it goes well toward building ArtRage's credibility.

    AndyRage's mantra for graphics engine code:
    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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