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    This came from raw emotion, I have been in a rut and just let the emotion take control of the brush, this is what came out...though I am wanting advice on it, maybe it will help me with other projects
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    Great raw emotion Wal. Just keep going on, ok?

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    Agree with Oriane, just keep painting. For more "raw emotion" type paintings, try taking all the different ArtRage tools and mixing them up with wild, uncontrolled gestures large and small with lots of different color selections and just see what comes out. Don't worry about trying to make recognizable forms and shapes. You might be amazed at some of the imagery that emerges. At some point you might find in a given expression that its suddenly taken a beautiful shape all on it's own, where you'll want to then impose additional, more controlled and intentional strokes to maybe tie it all up as a pleasing or powerful composition; or maybe you'll stand back and go "wow, this is perfect just the way it is." If it's somehow all just a hopeless mess, laugh, take advantage of the delete button, take advantage of whatever you might have learned, and start fresh. Regardless, just get in there and start throwing paint all over the canvas with many different tools. Get the middle, get the corners, get the sides with whatever, without thinking, wants to come out when you move your electronic or real-world brush, chalk, crayon, airbrush, etc. Mix it up. And have fun.
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