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    How can or can I get higher resolution jpegs of artwork done on AR. I have an artsite that I would like to post some art for print sales and the higher the res the larger the prints available to clients. Thanx in advance..TJ

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    When you start out in artrage you should probably start about 3 times the size you want the print. That is a general rule of thumb. That way when you
    go to print at 300 dpi it will be around the size you want the print to be.
    There are some software programs that printers use to make higher resolutions out of lower resolution images before printing. Best bet is to start out with the larger size (3x) in artrage then it will be the right size when it is printed at 300 dpi.
    Photoshop can enlarge your image... but going from 72 dpi to 300 might be a bit of a stretch and may produce some jaggies or anomalies in your print.

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    If you are going to print your paintings for display on paper or canvas, I agree with gb above. The only problem is that ArtRage bogs down to a near unworkable crawl at 300dpi if you have a large painting. A solution is to paint at about 150 dpi and use a program called Photozoom2 to rescale your paintings to both larger dimensions and higher dpi. It has a patented algorithm that is one of the only programs that does a near great job of scaling up from lower resolutions and dimensions. It's expensive, about $189, and only does this one thing. But if you plan to print large paintings with higher resolutions on a regular basis, it's worth every penny. Good commercial printers will also have similar software for scaling up - but you need to work with them to be sure they are doing what you want and that they have the necessary software to accomplish a rescaling to your reasonable satisfaction. I like using Photozoom2 and doing some of that work myself before taking the file to the printer.

    Meanwhile, in general, don't export as a jpeg from ArtRage. Rather, export your painting as either a PNG, TIFF, or PSD file (all supported exports from ArtRage). These are three lossless formats providing the highest information retention with zero compression. Use third-party software (Photoshop, Infranview which is free and excellent, PaintShop Pro, etc. ) to convert the highest quality jpeg you want. You can save all the way up to 100% (zero compression), though there is little reason to ever save a jpeg above 95% if its only for web posting or other digital displays. If you are going to print your paintings and need to scale up, consider the approach in the first paragraph above, using PNG, TIFF or PSD files. Convert to a high quality jpeg only as a final output file for reproduction. Don't use it as a working file as you lose information with each save.
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