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Thread: Maybe you should add this

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    Maybe you should add this

    1. Revert - a simple and fast way to go back to a saved version.
    2. Close - menue item that enable me close my open drawing.
    3. Let me choose between pixels, cm, inch, mm (etc) when I want to change my drawing size.
    4. Using any tool, I need an option of "adding" or "subtracting" hue or color to my drawing. this is a realy advantage of using the computer as my drawing tool vs the real canvas. Instead of re-drawing a certain part where I want to put some shadow (for example), I would take this tool (or option) and choose "darker" and apply it on this area.

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    These are from the viewpoint of a fellow user...

    I like the Revert idea.

    I do NOT like the Close idea. I really don't like apps that are focused on developing a document or image, but allow a situation where there is NO document open. If I want an empty document, I would choose New. If I don't want an empty document, I would choose Quit.

    Personally, I think the whole world of DPI just scares and confuses most people. I don't really understand why. But the idea of creating a "30 inch by 20 inch" image requires some sense of DPI to be exposed to the user. Which then means that you have to explain DPI to the user. Are we talking 8"x10" on your 100dpi 30" Cinema, or 8"x10" on the 400dpi LightJet at the photo bureau? Some people just don't understand that there's no difference between a 4dpi 100x100 pixel JPEG and a 40000dpi 100x100 pixel JPEG.

    The adding/subtracting thing is definitely being discussed by many people. I expect you'll be pleased at some plans already in the works.
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    Agree and don't agree...

    I don't think that the NEW menue is another way of closing a document (it is a document, you know). I don't realy know if after choosing NEW the open drawing is automaticly closed. Most of the applicationd do have this option of more then one open document.
    For the PDI - I do agree but at the end - the canvas size measures by inchs or cms... in whatever DPI I choose.

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