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Thread: Tips for first project?

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    Tips for first project?

    Once I get used to AR2 and get a little more comfortable with it, I'm thinking of starting a project. Just a simple one, duplicating a logo.

    1. Any tips for trying to duplicate this logo?
    2. Good choice or too hard for first time?

    Thanks =D, I'm mainly looking for just tips, just to make it easier,

    Here's the logo I wish to duplicate: (Just the skull part)
    ==Click Here==
    [Yes, I'm obsessed, lol]

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    Hi, zoom.

    Well, challenge is quite big. But computer drawing allow to store and fix image if it seems too difficult at start. And think that you can draw it.

    My tipsvice is that start to draw what you want and same time study the artrage tools working properties.

    Good luck.

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