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Thread: artrage3 stamp brush??

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    artrage3 stamp brush??

    i was thinking about the new artrage and how i wish we had more brush choices. then i had this idea. have it like the same way as making and importing stencils but make it like a stamp that can be used to do strokes with and paint with. you could make it where the setting for the stamp come from what tool you would choose to paint with. like the oil brush,crayon. you know the normal tools for AR. So those setting are what the stamps are controlled by. just a thought. tell me what you think?
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    I'm sure it's too late to add to the next version (unless they've done it already), but it's a great idea.

    Maybe with the idea that (say) black is 'strong' brush-stroke, and progressively lighter shades of gray contribute less and less. This would let you make a brush which feathered nicely, just by having it 'fade out'. Or a big, strong bold brush which is (in the stencil form) pure black.

    Simple, right guys? :-) :-) :-)
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    I had actually suggested this once before, though the post didn't receive any replies to it (LINK).

    But who knows... Maybe we'll get lucky?
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