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Thread: Artrage and a Dell Touch Screen Monitor?

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    Artrage and a Dell Touch Screen Monitor?

    Any info on using artrage with a Dell Touch screen monitors like the G-Vision L15AX-JA-452G?

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    HP TouchSmart is so-so

    I use ArtRage with an HP TouchSmart touchscreen, and you can't use finger touch, only the stylus. ArtRage interprets the touchscreen input as though there was a single click no matter how long you drag your finger around, while MS Paint doesn't know the difference between stylus (pen) imput and touch imput. So I'd do some research, or download the trial version of ArtRage to test if you already own a Dell Touch Screen product.

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    I'm not sure why you're experiencing a problem with the HP Touchsmart, we have run ArtRage 2.5.20 on our Touchsmart without any problems. It's possible that a setting in the product or system is interfering with the strokes but the default installation should work perfectly. If you'd like some help troubleshooting the problem please get in touch with us via the Support page and we can look in to the details and suggest some workarounds.

    Unfortunately we don't have a Dell touch screen for testing so it would be best to try the Starter Edition of ArtRage first as we can't be sure what system they are using and how it will interact with the app.
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