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Thread: Ruler crash and missing stencil question

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    Question Ruler crash and missing stencil question


    I wonder whether someone could help?

    I'm having a problem where ArtRage 2.5 crashes whenever I try to open the straight line ruler stencil (as opposed to the circle, rounded square or square).

    I noticed quite a few posts on the forum discussing this, with suggestions to send crash information to Microsoft, and the workaround of using the straight edge of other stencils, but I couldn't see any posts with a solution.

    My Windows machine isn't connected to the Internet, so I won't be sending anything to Microsoft, but I did notice one odd thing. When I navigate to the ArtRage program folder, under Resources/Stencils/Rulers there are three .PNG files, one for each of the Circle, Rounded Square and Square, but no .PNG for any straight ruler. I'm not familiar with the inner workings of ArtRage or how the ruler stencil is generated, but is this a simple case of a missing file?

    I also tried ArtRage on Linux using Wine, which worked very well but had exactly the same problem and also only the three files mentioned above. This had been installed from the same CD as the Windows version which arrived with a WACOM tablet.

    If the crash is happening because the program can't find the StraightRuler.png file (or whatever it might be called) then could one of the forum administrators make that one file available please?

    If on the other hand the ruler is generated in some other way and doesn't come from a .png file, could you post a quick reply confirming this? That way I won't fret over my missing ruler stencil.

    Thanks a lot for your help and for what otherwise seems a great tool.

    All the best,

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    It's not the missing file, as I checked and don't have it and never had a problem.

    The ruler acts a bit differently, I think

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    The ruler isn't generated from a PNG - it's built dynamically by ArtRage.
    The crash is a known bug. We *think* it is related to placing the text on the ruler, but we've never managed to duplicate the crash here in our offices.

    As a workaround, you can use any stencil with a straight edge to rule straight lines - you just dont get the inch/cm marks on the edge of the ruler.
    Drop a stencil with a straight edge onto your canvas. Right-click on the stencil and choose the 'Ruler mode' option from the menu. The stencil will now act like a ruler to help guide your stroke for straight lines.
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