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Thread: Beginner's Abilities

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    Smile Beginner's Abilities

    Hello Everyone-
    I'm just learning how to use ArtRage 2 and my Bamboo tablet. I am having trouble starting out, and finding some things to draw that are at my beginner's level, as well as teaching me to use the software better. Does anyone have any ideas about some fun "projects" for me to try to start drawing, becoming familiar with ArtRage, and something at my level?

    Thank You! :]

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    Hi Cbaer, welcome to addictive Artrage. Why not just start out by putting lots of colours on the canvas and playing with the knife and just having fun. Its one of the best way of finding out what magical things can happen with Artrage. Just have fun.
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    Agreed. Start doodling, work out what things do, get to know where tools, colours and options are...

    and if something appears that you like? Run with it !

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    Likewise agreed.

    Also, read the provided PDF manual from beginning to end, and practice the little steps and actions as you go along. It answers 90% or more of the questions posted in the technical forum. I've found it to be a BIG help.

    Find it under the HELP menu in the program.
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    I'm just starting too, and i'm playing around with the stencils, make sure you download Mr Stencils stencils they are awesome.

    Most importantly forget about progress and !HAVE FUN!
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    I agree with everyone doodling will help you learn how to use the program and you might end up with a nice work of art

    Also try looking though the "Art Project" area of the Forums there are a lot of great projects there. Some are based on one tool some are based on a topic.

    But I agree with Silentman, The most important thing of art is to have fun

    Have Fun,

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