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Thread: Welcome to the Gallery Forum, please read before posting.

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    1. Trial digital

    Hi, I uploaded my first trial - I do not apologize for something. Doing was exiting and getting a little bit on my nervs. But is was a joy.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Wasserfall 2.jpg 
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    What was wrong

    Hi, I read your hints. I would have before if I would have seen them, but they did not appear when I searched where I could start with placing my first art-work done by ArtRage.
    Obviously it is removed. But what did I wrong? Was the picture wrong? A waterfall, my first yet still not just perfect, but I guess that was not important.
    I will try later again.
    It is compared with the community I share with very different and unfamiliar to find all I need.
    As I told I am only in Parfumo. Where we test perfums, write reviews and statements. And if someone appreciate. Photo arranged with flasks. You see: something completely different.
    And no: I will not do in Instagramm, Face-Book.
    I only join Pinterest for inspirations and place own works under them if I used one as example.
    Tell me, what I did wrong, I will try to follow you.
    Kind regards, LaFemmeDuLac

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    Hello, I don't know which post and where it was removed, but you should not be posting your painting here. I refer to the waterfall image above. This thread is for information about where and how to post.

    When posting your work, you should start your own new post as you have already done further down in this thread, but don't add it to someone else's post. I know it is confusing initially, but you will find it more manageable. If you are unsure just ask.

    I might just add that there is no judgment here on anyone's work. It would not be removed because it was not 'good enough'. It will only be removed/moved if it is in the wrong place or offensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattRage View Post
    Hi all,

    Got a picture you want to show off? Here's the place to post it! This forum is for images produced using ArtRage, but don't worry if your image wasn't done entirely in ArtRage, you can post it anyway. We're going to be setting up a site gallery as well, but this is the place to post things for comment, or if you want to get something shown quickly.

    Two quick rules: Please don't post any adult art here (it's not like there aren't plenty of other places for it on the internet), we will remove posts we find that are outside the scope of the forum. If you're commenting on someone else's art, please be polite, ArtRage is used by people of a wide range of skills and we'd like everyone to feel comfortable posting their stuff regardless of their experience.

    So, show us what you've done!

    Images posted in the gallery may be used elsewhere on this site for image features, but will always be included with full credit. If you see one of your images used and would rather it wasn't, just let us know and we'll be happy to remove it.
    Hi, reading your rules once more I do declare: Concerning the pictures I posted and will be posting: Everybody may use them as wanted! Just quite the reverse would it be acknowledgement for my efforts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaFemmeDuLac View Post
    ...Concerning the pictures I posted and will be posting: Everybody may use them as wanted!...
    I fear you may have misunderstood Matt’s comments slightly.
    The makers of ArtRage, Ambient Design, and who also provide this website, some time ago used to have another separate Gallery section in these forums, now removed, that unlike the current Gallery section, functioned more like a giant virtual art gallery to wonder through and view the work created by other users.
    Each user could start their own dedicated section to the Gallery and post just images of their work.
    And if I remember correctly I believe there was a section in that virtual Gallery where Ambient Design would sometimes repost works created by users of ArtRage that they thought were deserving of special attention.

    But in general it should be remembered by all that images posted in these forums always remain the property of their creators.
    And said images should not be reposted by other users on other sites or otherwise used without consent.
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    Art Gallery

    An art gallery is a space or venue where works of art, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other forms of artistic expression, are displayed for public viewing and, in some cases, purchase.
    Thank you.

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    I have some I'd like to put up. Thanks.

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    Wow! That's quite insightful. Thanks a tone for sharing.

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    Very beautiful and inspiring work.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.
    Alexandra from Artys Transport

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