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Thread: Welcome to the Gallery Forum, please read before posting.

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    Compartilho com os amigos para apreciação.

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    Post How to submit to the gallery? I would like to show work. How to submit to the gallery

    Quote Originally Posted by MattRage View Post
    Hi all,

    Got a picture you want to show off? Here's the place to post it! This forum is for images produced using ArtRage, but don't worry if your image wasn't done entirely in ArtRage, you can post it anyway. We're going to be setting up a site gallery as well, but this is the place to post things for comment, or if you want to get something shown quickly.

    Two quick rules: Please don't post any adult art here (it's not like there aren't plenty of other places for it on the internet), we will remove posts we find that are outside the scope of the forum. If you're commenting on someone else's art, please be polite, ArtRage is used by people of a wide range of skills and we'd like everyone to feel comfortable posting their stuff regardless of their experience.

    So, show us what you've done!

    Images posted in the gallery may be used elsewhere on this site for image features, but will always be included with full credit. If you see one of your images used and would rather it wasn't, just let us know and we'll be happy to remove it.
    I would like to submit work to the gallery, but I'll be damned if I can figure out how to do it. Can you provide instructs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn Ossiander View Post
    I would like to submit work to the gallery, but I'll be damned if I can figure out how to do it. Can you provide instructs?
    Are you asking about how to attach an image to your posts, so you can post an image to forums Gallery or are you asking how to upload an image to the Gallery page?
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    Little Blue Butterfly

    I read the introductory posts and I hope this is where I upload my pastel painting I finally succeeded in making. I used a public domain photo as the model.

    Susan Theresa
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    little blue butterfly

    Best thing I ever did in pastel on a computer.


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    Forgot how to post a painting. Just back from hospitel ok. Eighty

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    Hi Mr. Ploos, glad to see you home again - you have been missed. I'm pasting a link to the instructions on how to post an image below. I hope you can follow. Wishing you a speedy recovery.!&p=5#post5

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    Quote Originally Posted by eighty+ View Post
    Forgot how to post a painting. Just back from hospitel ok. Eighty
    Hoot Laddie! Been AWOL for a spell. Good ye returned lest we have yer New Zealander son come bail ye oot!!!!!

    Best start paintin' quick like lest they discover ye been Absent Wif Oot Leave, oh nay.

    Hope yer gams are sorted and we kin enter ye in the relay.

    GO MAN GO!!!!!!!!

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    I want to be clear as to how I post a drawing.

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    Hello Sharkysayshi and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    To attach an image you need to use the Insert Image button in the posting toolbar.
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    Clicking this brings up the website’s Uploader window with a button marked Browse...
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    Click on the Browse... button to bring up a system navigation window where you can navigate to, and select, the image you wish to upload.
    Once an image is selected it's name will appear in the Uploader window to the right of where it says Browse...
    Directly under this, click on the words 'Upload File(s)' to upload and insert your image into your post.
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