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Thread: Welcome to the Gallery Forum, please read before posting.

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    hello .
    iam sorry my english was so poor
    sorry .
    first time come too here
    iam very happy .
    nice too meet you .MattRage

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    Congratulations ARTRAGE

    Hi MattRage!!! I started a few days posting some paints in the Galery. I must say that ArtRage is an impressive tool for those who like painting. There are so many beautiful paints posted. I read the rules about image posting in this space that will always be included with full credit. Although Mel sleeping is in the gallery I'm attaching it to listen from you if this a right way to do the paint, OK? Att.
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    Experimenting with a blue glass tumbler made by an artist from Mexico. It was purchased at a grocery retailer, Central Market, at Austin, Texas. An assumption is made that the person (someone had to an intimate, maybe fleeting interaction with this object) and it cost six dollars. What was the compensation for the artist?

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    MLMaxwell Guest
    i agree.. its good like that

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    Sounds good! I'll be posting some new pix here...

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    Digital graffiti

    This was a pencil drawing that I scanned into ArtRage, and look what she became!

    Debi MacIntyre Blount (I've got a Facebook too with lots of my artwork there...)

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    A question about the demo version.

    hello, im new around and i have a question. :-)

    can i upload to the gallery a picture i have done with the demo version of artrage?

    (it has the artrage watermark of course). i'm having problems with ordering the full software online (something with my credit card).
    so untill i figure that one out i'm using the demo version.

    i'll understand if you only wish the pictures posted to be from the fully featured software, but i wanted to ask all the same just to make sure where i stand :-)
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    Debrah, Oriane, What a marvellous paintings you both are bringing to us.

    Debrah, I love the colour of the wall, bricks and it seems a very realistic graffiti. Congratulations!

    Your dog Mel must be impressed with his twin brother on a painting Oriane. Congratulations!

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    Thumbs up Monsters corner

    When I saw the monsters corner, I just knew that I wanted to contribute to this great idea! So here is one that I made. He is call The Butterfly Enabler. Butterflies plant their eggs in his skin and when they hatch....he then throws-up all the worms! The other was done (as you can tell) very fast, I call it 'BOO'. All where lots of fun!

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    Excelente programa! Obrigado!
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