Hi all,

Got a picture you want to show off? Here's the place to post it! This forum is for images produced using ArtRage, but don't worry if your image wasn't done entirely in ArtRage, you can post it anyway. We're going to be setting up a site gallery as well, but this is the place to post things for comment, or if you want to get something shown quickly.

Two quick rules: Please don't post any adult art here (it's not like there aren't plenty of other places for it on the internet), we will remove posts we find that are outside the scope of the forum. If you're commenting on someone else's art, please be polite, ArtRage is used by people of a wide range of skills and we'd like everyone to feel comfortable posting their stuff regardless of their experience.

So, show us what you've done!

Images posted in the gallery may be used elsewhere on this site for image features, but will always be included with full credit. If you see one of your images used and would rather it wasn't, just let us know and we'll be happy to remove it.