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Thread: Homage to Hoffman

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    Boxy, every time I enter into your thread regarding your progress with your book, I know that I am entering into another world of enchantment and delight!!!! Incredible and so creative each of your paintings invoke upon the viewer and it lets our imaginations run wild!!!

    I just love this new one with the depiction of all four seasons and each and every character you have created for this scene in your book. Amazing and brilliant!!! Get busy and get this book done so I can buy it and spend my time in wonderment and in awe of your incredible artistic and literary gifts!!!

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    Wonderful, thank you een. I know, I wish I could click my fingers and be done, but each image seems to have a pace all of its own.

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    Outstanding work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxy View Post
    Oops sorry about that. Lets talk about dreamcatcher then. Really nice image, the feathers are beautiful. Did you say whether that was digital or trad?

    Ha, you know all these years I felt there was something missing but could never put my finger on it. Suddenly the reason nothing made sense makes sense...

    Tell me about it, I really do feel I'm right at the beginning again after years of working only in 3D. The other day I found a drawing of my cousin in a 1984 sketchbook and I was quite shocked I used to be able to draw like that. Don't even get me started on colour, it sometimes frustrates the hell out of me! You are doing a great job as far as I can see though.

    Ha thanks. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun drawing!

    All the best.



    Just saw this now... make it a triple today! Hugs, Rose

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    irishrose Guest
    I may need a whole bottle after today! hehe Thanks again!!!

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