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Thread: Homage to Hoffman

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    Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed. SCP I particularly like the balancing act, it makes me smile and that is no bad thing.
    I should point out as I didn't make it clear, the top image is of course Hoffman's watercolour!

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    Boxy, this is a stunning painting. Is it part of your book?
    Appreciation fosters well-being. Be well.
    Thread with bunches of my AR paintings-conversations. Here

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    Gorgeous work boxy, piggy looks great, balancing act is delightful, love the little snowbunny too.

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    Thanks guys.
    Juz - hurray you noticed the snow bunny! I have an abiding memory of childhood - my mum once made us a snow rabbit instead of a plain old snowman. I remember being so impressed at how clever she was, so for old times sake in it went. This page is all about nostalgia after all

    Byroncallas - It is part of the book. These 2 pages are a look back to the days before the baddies came - I wanted to try and get all four seasons in there.


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    This is a fantastic paint... the delicate temperature of colors is outstanding... the animal juggling is a nice surreal detail. Congratulations.

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    Thank you so much Orianelima. Very kind words!
    This is where I'm stopping and moving on for the moment. Though as with the others I will almost certainly come back to it. There is only one verse on this page and no prizes for guessing where that will go!
    Cheers for all your great encouragement!

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    Spectacular is a poor word to describe Your scene that looks like a modernized classic flemish tale-telling painting! Top class!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    irishrose Guest
    Boxy, no matter that the wild boar painting at the top is from Hoffman, your painting far surpasses the small painting and has just as much if not more enjoyment... my eyes don't know where to look... I'm like a kid in a candy store. Your boar is outstanding, and to be able to make him look nearly identical is really incredible. I look forward to more. I'd love to see your paintings get published into a book.

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    Thanks both for your wonderful comments. Rose I do want each page to be full of little points for discussion so I'm very pleased with your comments.
    Actually my wife just made a valid point - I should maybe put some flowers around the swing tree to give summer a bit more colour. I think I agree.

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    irishrose Guest
    You're so welcome Boxy... and I agree with your wife.. you definitely need flowers... brings the women folk in to ooh and aah!

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