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Thread: Homage to Hoffman

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    irishrose Guest
    Indeed! Every time I look at your painting I see something new. I really love the rabbit that is sweeping with the apron on and then in the background, the trees with their faces and the deer, the cute little animals boosting each other up, the snow way in the back and a snow rabbit (not a snow man).. the water, just all of it, it's a story in itself. Someone could write a story just based on the painting alone. Genius!

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    irishrose Guest
    Ooh, there's a thought... you should ask all the up and coming writers out here in AR if they could come up with a story to go with the painting. I'll bet you'd get some very cool stories. Everything from sci fi to kiddie land. Just thinking out loud.

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    Hey no way!
    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea but vain as I am I want to tell my own story first hehe.
    I'm thrilled that you enjoy looking at all the different little details though as that was the hope - I recently read somewhere an illustration should tell the story without the words. I'm not sure it is always possible to convey the exact meaning without words but its still good that some kind of story could be told.

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    irishrose Guest

    I sure do understand... maybe with an illustration you're not as passionate about.. I remember reading stories to my kids when they were babies, and I would just take picture books and make up my own stories, a different one each time. Of course, they wanted me to stick to the original story so they could remember it. hehe.. I just liked to talk, and had the creative mind to go with the picture. But it's YOUR party.. you make your own story. I'm sure it will rock! Just thinking out loud. Better than talking sometimes

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    I think its a great idea and would make a wonderful collaborative project - I'd definitely be up for doing something some time (bah, this is where the day job really gets in the way!!) - For now though I just wanted to print all these images together first as they might get 'over-used' before the story to which they belong is actually finished.
    I agree, thinking out aloud is always more enlightening than mere talking

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    irishrose Guest
    Thanks Boxy.. yes, the day job does get in the way! I wish you the best on getting this project finished and can't wait to hear YOUR story! Have a happy day! Rose

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    Ha! uh oh, now I'm worried my story might not be worth hearing.

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    irishrose Guest
    Boxy, your story is going to be the best ever, you know it! I'm a Sunday writer at best, like a Sunday painter. And I just can't wait to hear a story the author of the painting will tell. The anticipation is killing me! Do you have any thoughts down yet?? I guess I'm just a sucker for stories.

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    Thank you Rose, you are too kind.
    I am also a Sunday writer, never finish a story and my grammar/punctuation is appalling, though I love do it. However, this story is all finished because I chose to write it in verse - less words, less thought, less time to write (about a week). Its nothing earth shattering or new but since I originally just wanted something to practise illustrating a picture book it'll do fine. Now there's only 14 illustrations to do! It is very frustrating - if I didn't have to work I could have it finished in a month or 2 at most.

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