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Thread: Eye 2

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    Eye 2

    and now??.................................................. ..
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    Much, much better now
    Though I think the eye itself seems too flat, a few slight shadows would be nice
    On I found a lesson for drawing eyes translated to Russian
    The author of the original is Linda Bregkvist
    See if you can find original in Internet
    Here's the animation of all process

    Hope, that you'll find it useful
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    Null Thanks! an other person Teel me of this video so i see already, thanks ..... I add a few more dark and lights! Sorry for my english

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    ohhh! thx! great gif!
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    for those who haven't seen it yet,
    you can find the tutorial (and many more; all of them brilliant!!)here:
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    thanks Flyashy and Misterpaint......Misterpaint i did not understand much what it means what you wrote( sorry i not know better english) however, are happy for the comment thanks

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