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Thread: Ink splatter stencils

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    Ink splatter stencils

    A set of Ink splatter stencils.
    Download the set of 22 stencils here -

    Contact sheet and a rough example of them in use -
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Name:	Ink splatter contact sheet.jpg 
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    Kodak tn.

    Talking thanks

    thanks again

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    Thanks, great textures.
    Black triangle cursor option for ArtRage 3 please!

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    Cape Town, South Africa.
    Lovely stuff!...thanks so much

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    Oct 2012

    how do i get the file into artrage?

    just stepping into the world of digital design. i love artrage3 and easy to use interface. i also love these awesome splatter stickers, just dont know how to get them into the, if you please

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    Quote Originally Posted by theGunhammer View Post
    just stepping into the world of digital design. i love artrage3 and easy to use interface. i also love these awesome splatter stickers, just dont know how to get them into the, if you please
    Welcome to the world of digital art, and ArtRage

    I notice you said "splatter stickers" in your post, but the files Peter W has offered here are actually meant to be stencils. So that could be the problem you're running into. However, just to be sure everything goes smoothly (for you, and anyone else who might like to know), I'll step things out.

    1. The file Peter W has link to, is a zip file, which holds the image files we need to put into ArtRage to use as stencils. So once you download the file, use something like WinZip, or WinRAR, to extract the image files from the compressed file.

    2. At this point, you have to make a decision. Do you want to import each stencil, one at a time (Step A), or put them all in there at once (Step B)?
    A. If you've chosen to import each image, one at time:

    1. Open ArtRage Studio, and then click on the Stencils Pod, to open the Stencils Panel.
    2. Select a group along the lower left menu, or create a new group, to put the stencils in.
    3. Click on the "Import Stencil" button, and use the browser window to locate one of the extracted image files, and import it.
    4. Repeat the steps until you've imported each of the files.

    B. If you've Decided to drop them all in at once:

    1. Open ArtRage Studio, then select Tools > User Content > Open User Stencils Folder.
    2. Close ArtRage Studio (it's important that you close the program for this, because it will need to load the new stencils in, when it reopens
    3. Create a Folder within the folder that was opened in Step 1. This folder will become a "group" in your ArtRage Stencil Panel, so give it a name you'll recognize.
    4. Take all of the images you extracted from the .zip file, and place them into your folder.
    5. Open ArtRage Studio, and then open your Stencil Panel. Locate the group by the same name as your folder, and select it to see your new stencils.
    Nothing is easy to the unwilling.

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    thanks a lot. i'm not that computer savy, i got lost before i asked the question. had a bunch of .png files, didnt know how to get them in artrage. thanks a million, very helpful community

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    Thank you Peter! These are wonderful! Great stuff! Much appreciate these.
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    These are amazing. Thank you very much for sharing them.

    Can I use them in commercial projects, too?

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